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Passports That Allow Visa Free Travel

If you want to make the best move, to be free to travel around the world without a visa. At Best Muve we can help facilitate that move of freedom. One option is your profitable investment in a country that will give you in return its citizenship, for your second or third passport. A passport that will allow you, including your family members that you want, travel visa free to most Europe, America and Asia. At Best Muve we take you through all the options available, and you can be rest assured our expert team will get you the best.


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Specialist Service to Expect

Best Muve has a team of specialist ready to help you get freedom of visa free travel around the world. We act for you and deal with all the administrative and legal hurdles that are always involved in the process. With every step that will be involved in the process, you will find it the easiest with our help. You will have a dedicated consultant who will always be available to promptly provide you information all through the process and whenever you request it.

Four Straightforward Steps


Assess Best Option/Consultation

Submit Documents to Us

We Submit Your Application

Professional Service

Our promise is to provide a truly professional service to you. This is not just with words, but with what we will do from the moment you contact us. This means:

  • We will ensure that you only make an informed choice
  • Keep you abreast of any new information on your application (no matter how minor it is)
  • You get the assistance to ensure the success of you application, up to the stage you are issued with your passport. 
  • Assistance with the necessary documentation, the correct and needed information you should provide, respond promptly to queries raised after your application is submitted, following-up on your application to minimize delay to your application, and deal with any red tapes which applicants would otherwise encounter with some of the country’s governments when applying for citizenship.

Our Purpose

To support our clients to get the freedom of travel they want, so that they are truly free when it comes to traveling around the world without the need and restriction of visas, and increasing their wealth with it. 

Some Available Citizenships

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Lucia



Antigua & Barbuda